My name is Erin Cossar and I’m a writer, artist, and graphic designer. I recently contributed a story to the anthology Secret Loves of Geek Girls (get it here), which had a very successful Kickstarter and has been published by Bedside Press. It will also be picked up by Dark Horse Comics and re-released by them in the fall of 2016. The book got a lot of coverage and you can a couple of my favourite pieces here:

The 15 books we couldn’t put down this year
[Women in the World / New York Times]

Margaret Atwood, Meags Fitzgerald, Mariko Tamaki on love & relationships in new comic anthology

Dark Horse Comics to Publish The Secret Loves of Geek Girls
[The Mary Sue]

I will occasionally discuss books or authors that relate to my day jobĀ  (which is as a graphic designer in the marketing department of a publishing house). This is because I am a fan of those books and/or authors. I choose what I feature on here and would only recommend something if I genuinely loved it.

Thoughts and opinions shared on this website do not reflect those of my employer.